Community Options, Inc. provides and coordinates services and supports to people with intellectual/developmental disabilities. We are one of 20 Community Centered Boards in Colorado and serve the Western Slope counties of Montrose, Delta, Gunnison, Hinsdale, Ouray and San Miguel. Community Options, Inc. is a private, non-profit 501-(C)(3) organization with oversight by a local Board of Directors.

Our Operating Values

Each person, regardless of physical or intellectual abilities, has something he or she can teach or give to others. For this reason each person is unique and deserves to be valued and respected. This basic value and respect does not depend on one’s economic status, intellect, potential for productivity, or other traits or attributes, but is inherent.

Seeking to uncover and encourage each other’s special gifts is all of our jobs. Holding the perspective that all human beings are unique and valuable frees us to focus on the positive and will not only encourage growth in others, but also will simultaneously enrich and expand ourselves.

One of the most elemental needs we all have is to love and be loved and to form meaningful relationships. We are most healthy and happy when we are interdependent. Building relationships takes attention, effort, and commitment. Our relationships need not always be built on affection, but can and should be built on respect.

Positive, caring relationships cannot be forced, but can and should be encouraged. By helping each other develop the skills and attitudes which enhance our ability to form such relationships, we enable others to become more whole and fulfilled. We must keep a respectful awareness of the role relationship plays in giving our lives meaning.

It is by experiencing the consequences of our choices that we achieve our greatest growth. Each person deserves the opportunity to take risks and make choices; to succeed and to fail. It is often through a perceived failure that we learn life’s most important messages.

We need to encourage each other to take responsible risks, to appreciate and expand our capacity to make choices; and to accept and learn from the consequences of our actions. Enhancing the abilities and opportunities for others to choose for themselves is one of the most respectful gifts we can give.

There is humor in almost everything if we care to seek it. Humor alone cannot diminish life’s difficulties, but it can do much to help us get through them. By sharing our joys, as well as our sorrows, we create a positive, happy atmosphere, which will in turn nourish and energize those with whom we come in contact.

We must provide each other opportunities to laugh and have fun, both in planned activities, and as we go about our daily lives. Life is too short and too precious not to fully enjoy it.

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