RSA- Residential Support Assistant

Delta, CO
Posted 1 year ago

Residential Support Assistant – RSA’s assist the residents of group homes and apartments with household and personal care needs, the levels of which depend on the home and the individual residents. While some individuals require a very high level of personal care needs, such as bathing, changing undergarments, assistance with toileting, and mobility, others can take care of their own personal care needs. The typical workday of an RSA involves helping residents get up or go to bed, bathe and get ready for work, cooking meals, transporting residents to and from day programs, shopping, or taking the residents out on community activities of various sorts. At times it can be quite busy, but there is still time during the shifts to kick back and “hang out” with the residents. While the work environment is more or less a casual home setting, RSA’s are expected to be professional and perform their duties in a caring and diligent manner.


Department:Residential Services
Job Opened03/01/2017
Job ClosesUntil Filled
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